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[mkgmap-dev] Server Down ?

From manfred.haiduk manfred.haiduk at freenet.de on Fri Oct 12 08:49:13 BST 2018

Some time ago, i tried this with the 'bounds' option of mkgmap and the other help stuff. For smaller regions it works but as i wan to do this for the whole Europe osm file, i have to realize, that my PC is to small (RAM) or the help stuff does not handle such an amount of data within Windows. So my option was, to get the sea and bound  file from another source. Btw, is it worth to do all this (compiling a garmin suitable area from osm) with LINUX instead of Windows but with the same hardware ?

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Hi all,

Besides that I can only remind you that it is possible to calculate the data with mkgmap.

Some weeks ago I've played with a faster implementation of the multipolygon cutting algo in the mp-cut branch, this esp. improved
the performance of the precomp sea calculation (~50% faster), but my code got quite complex and still wasn't able to handle
special cases like touching inner rings properly, a problem that appears in many complex OSM multipolygons.
Not sure what to do with that code now. It adds a lot of complexity to the already complex mp handling.
Maybe I'll revert the changes since 4236:
and merge the previous improvements.
Any comments?


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The owner is Lambertus, you can mail him at
osm at na1400 dot info

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