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[mkgmap-dev] City search problem

From ValentinAK valentin_k at inbox.ru on Thu Oct 4 00:58:22 BST 2018

I release daily assemblies of all countries that were part of the ex-USSR
and several other countries ( maptourist.org <https://maptourist.org>  ).
The amount of data becomes very large and will soon reach 4GB of the maximum
size of one gmapsupp container. Therefore, I decided to divide my assembly
into two parts - Eastern and Western. I made the separation along the border
(admin_level = 3). But I found a problem when searching for cities. Now I
will try to explain what I discovered:

I prepared two parts of the OSM data with a common border and compiled
east-gmapsupp.img and west-gmapsupp.img. I use Splitter v591 & Mkgmap v4240.
Splitter processing the western part of the data makes several rectangular
areas. The data clipping boundary crossing several tiles. As a result, half
the area of ​​these tiles contains no data.
The empty space of these tiles covers a non-empty map from the eastern part.
Now I activate east-gmapsupp.img and west-gmapsupp.img in my Garmin
Nuvi-1490 and on the empty space of the described western tiles, I get a
problem when searching for all eastern cities in this area of ​​overlap.
Only the search for cities does not work. Address search and routing work
fine. I tried the same and different FID. The problem is still here.

I plan to compile more maps of many other countries, but this problem makes
it difficult to use two adjacent maps simultaneously.
What solution? 

Links for try this on my fresh files:

Best regards


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