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[mkgmap-dev] I would like a maxways parameter and associated code to limit the number of ways in a tile

From Andrzej Popowski popej at poczta.onet.pl on Wed May 30 09:28:05 BST 2018

Hi Gerd,

 > Split planet file using the grid, run mkgmap with the desired options
 > for each grid element, store the size of the img file, and normalize
 > these values to a weigh factor.

My suggestion: add an option to splitter, which shows a path to a 
compiled map. Then splitter can read all img from this path and get for 
each img size and area from TRE. This would give some kind of data to 
build weights for areas. I think this would be easy to use, in most 
cases we can present to splitter a previous compilation of the map. Or 
we can do a test compilation with small maxnodes count and use it for a 
second split.

Best regards,

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