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[mkgmap-dev] osmupdate

From Henning Scholland osm at hscholland.de on Thu May 24 17:11:53 BST 2018

osmupdate is basically a script using wget for downloading and 
osmconvert for merging. As it's using wget in quiet mode, only chance 
for debugging download problems is to download the file manual by wget 
and see the error message. I guess in your case the first file 
(state.txt of daily, hourly or minutely) is failing. So osmupdate can't 
read  which is the latest version of the diffs.


On 24.05.2018 23:32, lig fietser wrote:
> Not sure what you mean with wget Henning. I use osmupdate old.o5m 
> new.o5m, not wget and I dont download the whole planet.
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------
> Maybe you try to download the state. txt manually by wget to get more 
> feedback on the cause.
> Henning
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