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[mkgmap-dev] mkgmapr4191 and earlierer produces corrupt preview+tdb in some cases

From Thomas Morgenstern webmaster at img2ms.de on Tue May 22 15:46:15 BST 2018

  i create my maps in 2 steps:
first:  I create all osm-tiles from download.geofabrik as OSM. img-tile 
(containing 1-Sec DEM) and  Contourlines  from different soures as 
Contourline. img-tile. This works good, no problems.

Second:  I combine the ready OSM.img tiles and contourline.img tiles to 
the mapset. I use command : java -jar  mkgmap.jar -family-id=3100 
-route  ..... -dem=\\HGT\1SecHGT\   -overview-levels=5:15,6:15 
*-overview-dem-dist=*110000 -gmapi \500*.img \400*.img . The resulting 
TestKarte.gmap seems to bee good in Mapsource and Basecamp. 3D-VIEW 
works. *But really the tdb and preview-files are corrupt. Especially the 
preview contains wrong 0x4a and 0x4b. The borders of contourline.img 
should bee always 1°x1° degree. But the are always smaller. The 
osm-tiles has wrong borders too. It looks for me, as if the borders are 
randomly. This prevent Mapsource and Mapinstall to send tiles to the 
GPS, respektivly the sended tiles are to small at GPS. *I maked a little 
investigation and found out, that the option *-overview-dem-dist=110000 
*causes the error. Without this option all works fine. But the preview 
has no DEM.
I am not a java coder and can not find out, what goes wrong. Maybee the 
spezialists can find out it. Here is my test-equipment : 2 osm.img 
(500*),  2 Contourline.img (400*) . as source and the resulting 
TestKarte. gmap   as Test.rar Download : 

The HGTs are N46E011.hgt and N46E012.hgt. Screenshot Mapsource : 
Thanks Thomas
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