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[mkgmap-dev] I would like a maxways parameter and associated code to limit the number of ways in a tile

From Randolph J. Herber army.bronze.star at gmail.com on Sun May 20 17:57:08 BST 2018

Dear Sirs:

I have been trying to build a World map for use in Garmin's Mapsource.

I have encountered cases where tiles had too many ways (also polygons
and relations) for Mapsource to handle, even though the tile had a
sufficiently small numbers for Mapsource. This is because the area had a
large number of ways with only begin and end nodes. I can constrain the
number of ways, etc., by constraining the number of nodes severely. This
causes many more tiles. Above 2025 tiles in a map, Mapsource appears to

This code should parallel the code for maxnodes.

Randolph J. Herber

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