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[mkgmap-dev] patch to improve style throughput

From Gerd Petermann GPetermann_muenchen at hotmail.com on Tue Apr 24 15:08:55 BST 2018

Hi Steve,

I think I found a simple patch to improve the rule index. I've noticed that the unpatched version often returns far more rules to check than expected.
e.g. if an element has the tag a=3 and we have these 3 rules
a=1 {...}
a=2 & b=1 {...}
a=3 & c=1 {...}

all three are evaluated, in fact all rules which have a keystring beginning with a= are returned by the index. The patch changes this so that rules which cannot match are not
returned. This makes style evaluation a bit faster.  I've tried it with a few styles and some input files and found no changes in the output, also all unit tests pass, so I hope I did not miss something.  What do you think?

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