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[mkgmap-dev] bug?

From lig fietser ligfietser at hotmail.com on Mon Dec 11 16:56:58 GMT 2017


I have added a few hacks on barriers to make more info rendering on my maps. Therefore I misuse the housenumber option to make it visible, like barriers:

barrier=* & barrier ~ '(gate|entrance|lift_gate|stile|block|cycle_barrier|kissing_gate|toll_booth|turnstile|full-height_turnstile|border_control|swing_gate|log|bump_gate)' { add mkgmap:housenumber='(${barrier})' ; add mkgmap:street='bicycle:${bicycle}' ; add mkgmap:postal_code='open: ${opening_hours}' ;  }

In this picture you can see it went wrong somewhere, mkgmap translated the value "full-heigth_turnstile" into "Full # Eight_turnstile. So somewhere in the code mkgmap:housenumber='(${barrier})'  -h is converted into #.  Is this a bug or is this intended?

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