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[mkgmap-dev] a new DEM-File Option

From Frank Stinner Frank.Stinner at kabelmail.de on Wed Nov 1 17:17:58 GMT 2017


if you don't find another tool for processing TDB-file, have a look to 
my gmtool. This is only a experimental tool but it do the job. I use
only this tool for creating my test-maps.
Don't forget the GarminCore.dll.


gmtool --overwrite --input ????????.img --output . 
--version=1710 --mapfamilyname="Test" --mapseriesname="Test" 
--description="Test" --routable=1 --highestroutable=24 
--maxbits4overview=18 --hasdem=1 --hasprofile=1 --copyright=*I*

This use infos from all IMG-files with 8 characters in the actual 
directory and create a new osmmap.tdb. (See also the (german) help with 
gmtool --help)

If anybody want to patch a few bytes in a TDB-file and test the result 
of this, he can read and then rewrite this file with gmtool. This
should update the crc.


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