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[mkgmap-dev] two weird issues

From Philip Homburg pch-mkgmap-dev at u-1.phicoh.com on Thu Oct 5 22:02:15 BST 2017

I encountered two weird issues. The main one is that
bicycle:backward=use_sidepath gets filtered out somewhere.
I seems at anything that starts with bicycle and is not equal to bicycle
doesn't show up.

That was on r3766. I then upgraded to r3997 to see if anything would change.

It did :-(

Now highway!=track { echo 'foo' } gives an error:  
Error in style: Error: (lines:1): Invalid rule expression: $highway!=track

foo!=bar { echo 'foo' } does work either. It seems to be related to the
'!=' operator, because highway=track { echo 'foo' }            
is fine.

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