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[mkgmap-dev] Empty name

From Pedro Torres pedro.torres at gmail.com on Mon Aug 14 23:05:07 BST 2017


I am using mkgmap-r3980 and I having the same problem reported a long time
ago here but with no clear solution.
The problem is the map name in Basecamp or MapManager (OSX, all softwares
up to date). The name is always empty.

Here is the line I am using to build my map:

java -Xmx2000m -jar ../mkgmap.jar --max-jobs=2 --keep-going --gmapi
--gmapsupp --mapname=20170814 --description="My Desc" --index
--product-version=101 --overview-mapname="Overview Name"
--series-name="Series Name" --family-name="Family Name" --route
--area-name="Area" --precomp-sea=../data/sea.zip  path/to/*.pbf

I appreciate any help,
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