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[mkgmap-dev] eTrex Vista

From Jakob Mühldorfer mail at jmuehldorfer.de on Mon Sep 12 00:07:06 BST 2016

Quick report:
The maps generated with the latest mkgmap work quite nicely with the 
ancient Vista device

Thanks Gerd for the recent patches to shrink maps further
And thanks to Greg for pointing me towards "sendmap", which worked


Am 11.09.2016 um 02:10 schrieb Greg Troxel:
> Jakob Mühldorfer <mail at jmuehldorfer.de> writes:
>> sorry to ask this here, but I have a device question.
>> Does someone here use an ancient eTrex Vista (non c, non cx, non Hcx),
>> and knows if mkgmap files can be transferred via serial port and be
>> used on it?
>> All information is highly welcome
> I'm not sure if I'm being duplicative because my German is not so good
> (understatement!).
> I know of two ways to transfer maps to a serial port garmin.  There is a
> program "sendmap" floating around, and I have only seen a binary for
> Linux.   Also, Garmin's mapinstall/mapmanager/basecamp (or roadtrip) can
> do this, installing subsets of the map after you have loaded it.
> For the second way, on a mac
>    use gmapibuilder to make a GMAPI format from the img
>    open the gmapi to use mapinstall
>    open manmanager and click a lot until you figure it out
> for sendmap:
>    find a sendmap binary
>    make an IMG
>    run sendmail with the img and the serial port
>    figure out the limit on IMG size
>    repeat
> however, keep in mind that an etrex vista, not HC, probably has a very
> small area for maps.  I had a GPS V that could do maps but not really
> load a big area (20 MB?), and that was with the proprietary data that
> had only roads and POIs, not what OSM has.
> So I do not think you are going to end up being happy....

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