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[mkgmap-dev] render landuse=orchard

From Greg Troxel gdt at ir.bbn.com on Fri Jul 29 14:55:41 BST 2016

Gerd Petermann <GPetermann_muenchen at hotmail.com> writes:

> @Greg: please note that the way is not only rendered, it is also
> routable. I think that is what Ticker doesn't like.

That's fair enough.  railway=abandoned probably should not be routed.

> @Minko<mailto:ligfietser at online.nl>: I have no experience with
> railway=abandoned.  I read about cycle routes which follow the old
> railway tracks, but I would expect that the ways building those routes
> have tags like highway=* or cycleway=* and therefore I often wondered
> why we make those ways routable.

Yes, around me there are some railway=abandoned where there are some
sort of tracks/evidence, and these are not themselves cycle paths.
Sometimes you can walk on them, and sometimes it would be really tough
to get through (we have a fairly wet climate and the weeds/bushes/trees
grow very quickly).

Sometimes, the tracks are removed and brush is cleared, and then tagging
to show the useful way (path, or track if a 4WD truck could pass) is
appropriate.  Sometimes, a seriously fancy paved cycle path is put in,
and then it's highway=cycleway.

So the notion that railway=abandoned does not imply that a way is usable
is a good one, and that something tagged highway=path or
highway=cycleway is given the corresponding routable type is good.

I am into old railroads, so I want to see them on the map as I travel
around, which caused my reaction.   But I don't want to route on them,
especially if you can't actually travel.

All of this leads to wanting a displayed non-routable way.

Sort of related, wanting new symbols leads to wanting a standard TYP
file.  (I have been sort of disconnected from mkgmap for a while, but am
still using it.)  I know there is support for compiling a TYP file, but
it would be really nice if there were a standard (includedin mkgmap
sources) file that had features for things like
railway=disused/abandoned/razed and also stoplights/etc.  Sort of a
general-purpose standard rendering.

(Sorry if that's already there and I should be paying more attention!)

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