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[mkgmap-dev] Error in mkgmap r-3676, wrong preview generation

From Thomas Morgenstern webmaster at img2ms.de on Tue Jun 14 23:12:02 BST 2016

Hallo at all,
in some cases r-3676 (and also earlier releases) generate a wrong 
preview.img. But tdb-file is always okay.
My way is : first i generate all tiles from the europe-latest.osm.pbf . 
This makes  no problems; and second i arrangiere some tiles to countries 
and for those contry-tiles and additionally Contourline-tiles I run a 
batch to generate the preview and tdb.
My example : first i use 2 tiles 50000002.img and 50000779.img (Island) 
; r-3676 generate the preview+tdb, all okay.
second : this 2 tiles and additionally a third tile(Contourlines) : 
r-3676 generate a wrong preview. This wrong preview is in Mapsource and 
also in Mapinstall . It makes no different, if the contourline-tile is 
inside or ouside the other tiles. What is wrong with mkgmap ?  All 
sourcefiles for evaluation can you download : 
http:\\img2ms.de\Downloads\Test.rar. I assume  the reason is the actual 
see.zip or bounds.zip ? 4 months ago with older see and bounds was not 
this error.
Screenshot preview okay :

Screenshot wrong preview.img :

regards thomas

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