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[mkgmap-dev] Land flooded

From Gary Bamford garybamford at hotmail.com on Wed May 11 09:05:32 BST 2016

Hi Gerd

That's where I was going wrong then, I was speciying the typefile as a txt file, and not a typ file.


I assumed that also meant that the map complier would also allow for a txt file input of styles


TYP file compiler - mkgmap<http://www.mkgmap.org.uk/news/2012/02/17/typ-file-compiler>
Another recent feature added is the ability to compile TYP file from the .txt format. There is no special option needed, just place the .txt file on the command line ...

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Hi Gary,

not sure what you mean with "when I use the text file output" here. The device needs the *.typ format, it

doesn't understand the text file format. Or do you mean that you feed mkgmap with the text file format

and the resulting *.typ file doesn't work ?


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Hi Gerd.

Thanks for the information. The problem gets a little stranger, I use a software package called TYPViewer ( v4.5.35 ) to edit the type files, it has two outputs, one produces a typ file the other produces a txt file. If I use the typ file output I get the map I expect ( without having to specify --transparent or --generate-sea=land-tag=natural=background ) the sea is where it should be, if I use the text file output from TYPViewer then I have problems.

Lessen to learn, use the typ file output.



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