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[mkgmap-dev] patch for "part" filter

From Andrzej Popowski popej at poczta.onet.pl on Fri Apr 1 11:37:00 BST 2016

Hi Gerd,

yes, trailing separator is documented. IMHO it's easier to explicitly 
add trailing separator in style than remove it. And actually I can't 
imagine why could we need it at the end.

 > "A1;A2;A3" "part:;<3"  -> old "A3;", patched "A3"

Example for trailing separator should be:

"A1;A2;A3" "part:;>2"  -> old "A3;", patched "A3"

as opposed to following example, where current version doesn't add a 
trailing separator:

"A1;A2;A3" "part:;:3" -> old "A3", patched "A3"

I was trying to use "part" for limiting the number of road references in 
a shield and found it unsuitable. My patch is still not sufficient for 
this purpose but I think it cleans rules for the filter.

Best regards,

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