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[mkgmap-dev] Commit r3675: dest_hint_v1.patch : change --process-destination option

From svn commit svn at mkgmap.org.uk on Fri Apr 1 07:41:10 BST 2016

Version mkgmap-r3675 was committed by gerd on Fri, 01 Apr 2016

dest_hint_v1.patch : change --process-destination option 
The process_destination option was a bit problematic because 
it could have added the tag destination=* to an existing OSM element.

The attached patch changes the method like this:
1) the tag destination is not changed by mkgmap
2) Instead the special tag mkgmap:dest_hint is now set to the
destination string that was found in one of the tags listed in this code snippet:

(BTW: This is also the order of evaluation in mkgmap searches since r3673, of cause
forward/backward are checked depending on the direction of the way)

For style authors this means that they have to
1) change all rules with mkgmap:dest_hint=true to mkgmap:dest_hint=*
2) change the rule that produces the hint to something like this:
  { set dest_hint = '${destination:ref|subst: =>} ${mkgmap:dest_hint|subst:;=> |subst:/=> }' |
         '${ref|subst: =>} ${mkgmap:dest_hint|subst:;=> |subst:/=> }' |
         '${mkgmap:dest_hint|subst:;=> |subst:/=> }';

Basically all places where "destination" was used were changed to mkgmap:dest_hint.
This could cause trouble, so I've added a check that complains when
the style contains an expression mkgmap:dest_hint=true.  


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