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[mkgmap-dev] Lines from the Unit-BaseMap in the gmapsupp

From Carlos Dávila cdavilam at orangecorreo.es on Sun Nov 15 19:38:07 GMT 2015

El 15/11/15 a las 19:56, Arndt escribió:
> Hello,
> BC reads the gmapsupp from the gps Unit (Oregon600).
> BC shows not only the gmapsupp, the BaseMap from the Oregon is shown too.
> There is a picture at this mail.
> In this example the "B9" ist not at the same place. Why?
> Hope, you understand what i mean, my english ist not very good :))
Base map is a very simplified map in which roads have very low accuracy, 
that's why it is so different from the gmapsupp
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