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[mkgmap-dev] obsolete spaces in tags

From Gerd Petermann gpetermann_muenchen at hotmail.com on Tue Oct 13 08:36:04 BST 2015

Hi all,

see also

I see several ways to implement the preparation proposed by Andrzej.
I think about implementing a method that removes 
a) trailing + leading spaces from tag values and
b) all doubled spaces within the tag value
" abc" -> "abc"
"abc " -> "abc"
"abc  def" -> "abc def"
"   x      y    z   " -> "x y z"

Now, this can be done 
a) with all (evaluated) tags before style rules are processed
pro: style rules do not have to care about these cases
contra: extra spaces produced by the style actions are not catched
b) after style processing
pro: style can handle these special cases (e.g. use echotags),
extra spaces produced by style actions are handled
contra: style rules may not match, e.g. if an element 
has the tag highway="primary "  

c) two times a) + b)

I think option c) is the best, presuming that it doesn't involve 
an unacceptable performance impact.

I am not sure if anybody uses these spaces willingly?
Do we need an option to configure this?


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