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[mkgmap-dev] addr:street and street name matching for house number searchs

From Carlos Dávila cdavilam at orangecorreo.es on Sun Aug 16 16:20:38 BST 2015

OK, I see, not an easy matter. I will then have to deal with the nearly 
90.000 lines of this type in my log for Spain;-)

El 13/08/15 a las 08:10, Gerd Petermann escribió:
> Hi Carlos,
> not sure what to do here. See first this discussion:
> http://gis.19327.n5.nabble.com/address-search-and-case-significance-of-street-name-tp5840995.html
> My problem reg. suppression of certain messages is that current code 
> in mkgmap
> is not able to find a nearly matching road name, so it has no way to say
> "differs only in capitalization" or maybe "differs only slightly",
> it just doesn't find a road.
> Gerd
> > Date: Wed, 12 Aug 2015 13:54:51 +0200
> > From: cdavilam at orangecorreo.es
> > To: mkgmap-dev at lists.mkgmap.org.uk
> > Subject: [mkgmap-dev] addr:street and street name matching for house 
> number searchs
> >
> > HousenumberRoad throws a warning when addr:street from a node and name
> > of the street the node is next to are not equal, even if they differ
> > only in the capitalization. See for example nodes
> > http://www.openstreetmap.org/node/2486105470 and
> > http://www.openstreetmap.org/node/2486105464 (addr:street=carrer del
> > Montseny) which are next to way 
> http://www.openstreetmap.org/way/8590864
> > with name=Carrer del Montseny. One of the names is more correct than 
> the
> > other but, having in mind that Garmin changes capitalization
> > arbitrarily, I'm not sure if we should keep these warnings.
> > Another case to discuss is when one of addr:street or way name contains
> > special letters and the other one not (eg. Asturies vs Astúries). Here
> > one of the names is wrongly written and should be corrected in OSM 
> data,
> > so may be worth keeping the warning.

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