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[mkgmap-dev] Display of Labels on Maps

From Bill Lancashire bill.lancashire at gmail.com on Tue Aug 11 22:22:46 BST 2015

I have been trying to understand how the display of names and labels on 
map pages is controlled.

I am talking about the following two cases:

a) Labels that appear on the map itself which for the purposes here I 
will call 'Map Labels'.

b) Names which appear in a box at the top of the GPS screen when the 
cursor is placed over an item on the map page which I will refer to as 
'Cursor-Over'  names.

I appreciate the 'Map Label' display is partly controlled by the choice 
of type code for the polygon, line or point, but can this feature in any 
way be controlled by either the style configuration or the TYP file when 
a 'custom' extended code is used?.

Also I would really like to be able to prevent the second feature 
('Cursor-over' name) appearing.  For example, I have line borders for 
polygons on my maps and I want to avoid the name appearing at the top sf 
the screen when the cursor touches the border line.  I have tried with 
no description for the line in the TYP file then I get the word 'line' 
appearing in the top-of-screen box.

Any advice welcome.

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