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[mkgmap-dev] Incorrect runabout exit indication

From SomeoneElse lists at mail.atownsend.org.uk on Tue Sep 30 15:28:51 BST 2014

On 30/09/2014 15:08, SPA wrote:
> Ok here is an example of a roundabout:
> Round about position:
> 55.586085, 11.857095

That's this one then:


> Roundabout  approach direction:
> MY 6 o'clock
> To complete my journey I need to exit the roundabout at:
> MY 12 o'clock
> The voice in Danish guides me correctly by telling me to take the second
> exit.

So presumably your coming from the northeast  here:


and exiting at the southwest here:


> The icon on the navigations window of my GPS (top left)
> indicates that I have to exit the roundabout at:
> MY 9 o'clock
> Screenshot of my GARMIN:
> http://thecyberinn.com/garmin/22060.png

I wonder if it's doing that because the angle between entry and exit 
roads is just a little more than 180 degrees (i.e. a little more than 
"straight on"), or because it's a road with (in that direction) no exit 
at 9 o'clock?  What does it say if you try and go in the other direction 
- i.e. from



http://www.openstreetmap.org/way/290451040 ?

I'll have a think and see if I can find any similar ones locally.



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