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[mkgmap-dev] mkgmap build greater than 3113 routes through barriers with access=no

From Greg Troxel gdt at ir.bbn.com on Wed Aug 6 15:02:19 BST 2014

Paulo Carvalho <paulo.r.m.carvalho at gmail.com> writes:

> Well, it can be dafaulted to on, but sometimes one may want to not
> translate node properties to ways.  For example: a map may have barriers
> and one may want to have such as POIs in an alert file for Garmin POI
> Loader instead of them interfering with routing.  It all depends on map
> purpose.

I can see what you mean, but there are standard semantics in the osm
representation, and therefore a map which does not follow those isn't a
proper representation of the osm data.

I did not mean to suggest removing the option to turn it off; I was only
really suggesting that it default to producing correct maps.  In general
I have felt that mkgmap accumulates options that one needs to give to
get the right answer, and that they should all default to on.
I think this is just an artifact of them being experimental for a while.

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