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[mkgmap-dev] Merging pbf files before splitter/mkgmap fails

From paco.tyson at free.fr paco.tyson at free.fr on Sun Aug 3 10:47:38 BST 2014

Hello Gerd,

Following your advice, I tried processing my generated .pbf file (I replaced the usual geofabrik pbf file with this one) : it doesn't work, I only get a white rectangle in Basecamp.

In the splitter log, I can see the map coverage is right.
Splitter produces only one tile : 

     [java] Number of stored ids: 121 580 require ca. 69.15 bytes per pair. 1899 chunks are used, the avg. number of values in one 64-chunk is 64.
     [java] Map details: bytes/overhead 18 990 / 8 389 034, overhead includes 1 arrays with 8 MB
     [java] RLE compresion info: compressed / uncompressed size / ratio: 1 899 / 121 520 / 99%
     [java] Statistics for ways map:
     [java] Map is empty
     [java]   JVM Memory Info: Current 167MB (119MB used, 48MB free) Max 683MB
     [java] Full Node tests:  0
     [java] Quick Node tests: 121 580
     [java] Thread worker-0 has finished
     [java] Distribution pass(es) took 3467 ms
     [java] Time finished: Sun Aug 03 10:41:08 CEST 2014
     [java] Total time taken: 9s

Using osmconvert to convert to osm format the splitter-produced pbf returns the original data. I assume that splitter processing is OK.

Mkgmap runs without errors nor logs. Opening the final map in javawa shows the expected map coverage.

I recall that mkgmap produces address data only if it finds a matching highway name, would that explain why the map is empty ?

Can you confirm that mkgmap can process negative ids ?


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Objet: Re: [mkgmap-dev] Merging pbf files before splitter/mkgmap fails

Hi Paco, 

I suggest to try processing addresses.osm on its own first. 
Do you get the expected data in the img file? 
Is this still the case when you convert the file to pbf with osmconvert? 


> Date: Sun, 27 Jul 2014 22:10:49 +0200 
> From: paco.tyson at free.fr 
> To: mkgmap-dev at lists.mkgmap.org.uk 
> Subject: [mkgmap-dev] Merging pbf files before splitter/mkgmap fails 
> Hi all, 
> I need help for a slightly offtopic problem. 
> I've got a (huge) list of addresses in CSV format. I want to add them to the pbf file from geofabrik before running splitter/mkgmap. Those addresses aren't in OSM. 
> I converted the CSV file to an .osm file. The script produces the addresses with a negative osm id. 
> I then use osmconvert : 
> ./osmconvert geofabrik.osm.pbf addresses.osm --out-pbf -o=complete.pbf 
> No error returned. The complete.pbf file is correctly processed by the splitter/mkgmap toolchain. But the map doesn't show the addresses. 
> I tried to look for the problem : 
> - The .osm file seems correct, it opens correctly in JOSM. 
> - Converting the .osm file to .pbf format before merging doesn't help 
> - Something funny : after merging, the .pbf file is slightly smaller than the geofabrik one. osmconvert does a more efficient job at creating pbf files ? 
> I guess that the problem lies in the merging part but I didn't find any inspection tool for the pbf format. 
> Can anybody help ? 
> Paco. 
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