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[mkgmap-dev] POI icons for high and standard resolution devices

From Paulo Carvalho paulo.r.m.carvalho at gmail.com on Sat Jul 26 15:28:42 BST 2014


   Is it possible to design a TYP file such that we get 48x48 POI icons for
high-res devices and 24x24 ones for lower resolution PNDs like Nuvi 255w?
    I know it is possible for NT maps such as City Navigator maps since
I've seen the same map installed in both device classes and there seem to
be some kind of automatic icon switching.
    My point is that whether it is possible to compile a single gmapsupp
file against a single TYP file that works on both resolutions with mkgmap.
    So far, the obvious solution is to compile HD and SD versions of the
same map, each compiled against different TYPs.
    I think this is of some importance because everything has to be done
twice: compile time, tests, TYP maintenance, upload, FTP quota usage, ...
 not to mention that the end user may not readily know which version one
has to download.

all the best,

Paulo Carvalho
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