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[mkgmap-dev] Name Substitution not correctly working

From Steve Ratcliffe steve at parabola.me.uk on Fri Jul 25 16:38:26 BST 2014


> 1. There seems to be a problem with Chinese Tonemarks...
> e.g. on
> http://www.openstreetmap.org/node/244080668
> name:zh_pinyin ~ '.*Shì' { set
> name:zh_pinyin='${name:zh_pinyin|subst:"Shì=>"}'; echo "rule working" }

This seems to work for me.

> name:zh_pinyin ~ '.*Shi' { set
> name:zh_pinyin='${name:zh_pinyin|subst:"Shi=>"}'; echo "rule 2 working" }
> work.
This one does not match the given node.

> 2. How can I remove parentheses from the name?
> name=* { set name='${name|subst:"(=>"'}
> name=* { set name='${name|subst:")=>"'}

Perhaps it was just a typo in your mail, but these should be:

   name=* { set name='${name|subst:"(=>"}' }
   name=* { set name='${name|subst:")=>"}' }

> Is not working. Or better it gets called but I loose all characters in
> Japanese or Chinese...

With these corrections it does seem to remove the brackets without
losing anything else.


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