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[mkgmap-dev] Why do these rules not match?

From Felix Hartmann extremecarver at gmail.com on Fri Jul 25 13:49:29 BST 2014

Only this rule is actually matching.
name:int=* & name=* & (name = $name:int ) {delete name; set 

But if I want to change it so I can filter names e.g. here: 
In this case I want to delete name:en based on the condition that name 
is fully present in name:en. So I created the below rules according to 
the above scheme

name:en=* & name=* & (name ~ '.*$name:en'  ) {delete name:en; echo 
"Beginning name matched"}
name:en=* & name=* & (name ~ '$name:en.*'  ) {delete name:int; echo "end 
name matched"}
name:en=* & name=* & (name:en ~ '.*$name'  ) {delete name; echo 
"beginning name:int matched"}
name:en=* &name=* & (name:en ~ '$name.*'  ) {delete name; echo "end 
name:int matched"}

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