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[mkgmap-dev] Incorrect compilation of grid lines

From Felix Hartmann extremecarver at gmail.com on Fri Jul 25 10:24:44 BST 2014

Hi Gerd,

the only thing I am afraid about is broken contourlines data (due to 
errors or missing data). There you quite often end up with long straight 
lines. So the patch shouldn't make such errors even worse - I long even 
hoped that mkgmap could have a function/filter to delete all long lines 
- say straight over 5km without intersection, because I don't think that 
such long straight lines exist in OSM data (except ferry lines, power 
lines, railways and highway=motorway/trunk)

So maybe better not detect such a problem automatically, but add a 
filter for the style-file where you could switch off douglas peucker 
e.g.: gridlines=yes [0x* nodouglaspeucker]
On 25.07.2014 11:15, Gerd Petermann wrote:
> a simple patch that tries to detect that the formula doesn't work.
> I just have to decide what to do in that case, typically it is better 
> to keep the point, so
> img size might increase.

keep on biking and discovering new trails

openmtbmap.org & www.velomap.org

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