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[mkgmap-dev] small transliteration bug

From Michał Rogala michal.rogala at gmail.com on Wed Jul 23 11:55:23 BST 2014

As far as I know - sorting and index mechanisms are fine :). Problem is
somewhat related to user experience:

User knows that his map is transliterated and all city/street names should
be entered transliterated. So he enters city Gorczyn (instead of Górczyn).
But letter ó is not transliterated as it is a part of CP1252 and index
contains text "Górczyn". In that way - such city can not be found. This is
caused by situation that all diacritical polish letters are in CP1250 but
this one particular letter ó is common between CP1252 and CP1250 ;). This
would be easily overcome if I could specify my own (patched)
transliteration table.

Maybe it would be possible to add a command line parameter, like:


This parameter would solve also any potential problems in the future - as
slavic languages can be very problematic.

best regards

Michal Rogala

2014-07-23 12:05 GMT+02:00 Steve Ratcliffe <steve at parabola.me.uk>:

> On 22/07/14 10:47, Michał Rogala wrote:
>> Well, this is an odd case :). Indeed, this letter is part of cp1252 -
>> but in case of Polish language, all other diacritical letters (outside
>> cp1252 charset) are transliterated except this one. This results in
>> situation when user enters city/street name with transliterated
>> characters, but index contains non-transliterated letter ó - and the
>> search fails.
> OK I see, but it should just work since r3076.
> Previously there were problems because sorting was done before
> transliteration in one of the sections and so it was badly sorted
> after transliteration.
> There may be still a problem there.
> So is this correct:
> - You are making a map of Poland;
> - with --code-page=1252;
> - using a recent version of mkgmap?
> ..Steve
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