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[mkgmap-dev] small transliteration bug

From Bill bill-mkgmap at halibut.com on Tue Jul 22 15:28:03 BST 2014

I've found at least one project using mkgmap that converts 0xF3 to an o 
(and some other in cp1252 that are not ascii characters like 0xD3 to an 
O, 0xED to an i, and probably more) using an external shell script. The 
script also converts letters that are outside of cp1252, and I haven't 
quite figured out how the script is being invoked. I guess it could be 
applied to the OSM data before being sent to mkgmap. There is also a 
script to make all names upper case only, that I am pretty sure gets run 
on the OSM data, and would make sense to run it after the filter command.

General Web Page:

Character Conversion:

Force Uppercase:

Hope this helps,

On 07/22/2014 02:47 AM, Michał Rogala wrote:
> Well, this is an odd case :). Indeed, this letter is part of cp1252 - 
> but in case of Polish language, all other diacritical letters (outside 
> cp1252 charset) are transliterated except this one. This results in 
> situation when user enters city/street name with transliterated 
> characters, but index contains non-transliterated letter ó - and the 
> search fails.
> Would it be possible to provide custom transliteration table/entries 
> from a command line argument?
> best regards
> Michal Rogala
> 2014-07-22 10:02 GMT+02:00 Steve Ratcliffe <steve at parabola.me.uk 
> <mailto:steve at parabola.me.uk>>:
>     Hi
>         latin1 transliteration doesn't touch letter ó (0x00F3) - it
>         should be
>         converter to letter o.
>     Why? The letter is a valid character in cp1252 as far as I know. It
>     also is displayed in mapsource for me.
>     ..Steve
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