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[mkgmap-dev] Incorrect compilation of grid lines

From Roger Calvert roger at rogercalvert.me.uk on Sat Jul 19 12:56:01 BST 2014


Has there been any progress in tracking this one down? I can live with 
an earlier version, but unless there is something special about my file, 
the problem could be affecting other people's maps too.


On 26/06/2014 18:30, Steve Ratcliffe wrote:
> Hi Roger
>> This works correctly with mkgmap 2654 and It displays correctly in JOSM.
>> With mkgmap version 3241, the lines are misaligned and out of position.
>> The behaviour is the same on MapSource, BaseCamp and my device. No error
>> messages are produced.
>> (I have not used any versions of mkgmap in between these two).
> I've tried lots of different versions and I believe that the behaviour
> changes at version r3081.  This is the merge of the branch that keeps
> coordinates at a higher accuracy.  There are a lot of versions on
> that branch and I may have to work out where on the branch things
> changed.
> ..Steve
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Roger Calvert
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