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[mkgmap-dev] Command to transliterate Characters/Cyrillic/Greek into latin1 even for Unicode maps?

From Felix Hartmann extremecarver at gmail.com on Wed Jul 2 21:27:37 BST 2014

The standard behavior so far for my maps in Japan or China was to use 
--latin1, and hope that all towns/cities/names if not name:en present - 
got transliterated decently into latin characters.
However if using Unicode this is of course not happening.

Could there be a command like {set name='${mkgmap:trans:name}' }
That way one could build a map that is usable for people who do 
understand the local script/language, and who don't by setting all names 
name=('name:en|name:int|mkgmap:trans:name''(name in e.g. Japanese Script) '

Even better would of course be if there would be an additional function 
to check if "name" is already in two scripts - this is often the case 
for Japan or Thailand or Singapore... Dunno if that is easy to 
implement. I hope/guess the above /mkgmap:trans:name/ would be easy, as 
the code exists if you use e.g. --latin1.

keep on biking and discovering new trails

openmtbmap.org & www.velomap.org

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