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[mkgmap-dev] Why is there a code-page in the .typ-file? And - is there a code-page a gmapsupp.img?

From Felix Hartmann extremecarver at gmail.com on Tue Jul 1 08:08:33 BST 2014

On 30.06.2014 23:00, Steve Ratcliffe wrote:
> Hi Felix
>> 1. Switching to unicode I ask myself If I should also change the
>> typ-file to code-page=65001
> I don't think you need to unless you want you labels to be in
> more than one character set eg Greek and Cyrilic.
Well I'm not sure. The Garmin Winter activity map (only unicode map I 
know that's free) only has latin1 characters in the .typ-file (languages 
French, English, German) - yet they use Unicode for it.
But I don't know if this is any sort of requirement.
>> 2. I couldn't notice any change on compiling a gmapsupp.img regarding a
>> code-page set. Is there actually a code-page for a gmapsupp.img?
>> Especially regarding address index. Or is the code-page only for the
>> map.img files themselves?
> There is not a separate code-page for the gmapsupp - it is just a
> container for other files.  There is a code page for the individual
> .img files and also for the global address index (MDR) and the sort
> order file (SRT).
okay thanks a lot for the clarification...  So for the case that you 
have a mapset/gmapsupp that contains both unicode and another code .img 
files - I'm pretty sure this is fine as long as the MDR and SRT are in 
> ..Steve

keep on biking and discovering new trails

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