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[mkgmap-dev] [Patch v5] correct make-cycleways

From Gerd Petermann gpetermann_muenchen at hotmail.com on Wed Mar 26 07:20:17 GMT 2014

Hi Andrzej,
> I wouldn't say it is a small problem. Any car route to or from an 
> address, which happened to be on a one-way road with opposite cycleway, 
> could lead you wrong-way.

OK, did not see that before, but you are right. That is really a "no go".
> Consider area near your test route. I see at least 10 cycleways nearby, 
> maybe 20-30% of addresses is affected in this area.
> Have you noticed, that car route for your example is wrong-way too?

No, but I did not care as I selected the bicycle ways.

I also did not notice that Basecamp - unlike MapSource - doesn't allow 
to select the way (car or bicycle), at least I did not find out how,
so it always choses the first way :-(
That makes it likely that the device will also select the wrong type of way.

- No matter what method we use either car or bicycle routing is not perfect
(this is also true for styles that use continue to create additional ways)
- Until that is solved by Garmin, I agree that we should prefer correct car routing 
and accept detours for bicycles in a general purpose map, so the car road should 
come first.

Attached is version  6 of the patch which is like v5, just reverses the order of ways.

Besides, I would prefer to add a few lines to the default style and remove both
all hard coded make-cycleway options.


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