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[mkgmap-dev] Unit tests in trunk fail

From WanMil wmgcnfg at web.de on Sun Jan 5 17:11:12 GMT 2014

> Hi WanMil,
>  > I will have a detailed look on it later.
>  > Maybe there is still a bug in the RoadMerger with merging of oneway
>  > roads. As far as I have understood the patch normalizes the oneway
>  > tagging before RoadMerger is started. Of course this makes it easier and
>  > is therefore a good thing :-)
> yes, and the additional merge is explained by the fact that RoadMerger
> doesn't
> merge a oneway=yes with a oneway=-1 way.

Yes, when starting with the RoadMerger I wasn't sure if that creates any 
problem when I reverse the way in the RoadMerger. So it was more secure 
not to merge them. In the end it throwed away some possible merges that 
we can do now. Good!

> Gerd

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