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[mkgmap-dev] Commit: r2906: Merge the mergeroads branch.

From WanMil wmgcnfg at web.de on Wed Jan 1 14:10:48 GMT 2014

> Hi WanMil
>> the new mkgmap version now appears at other builds but the main download
>> still links to r2889. Can you please have a look on it if you are back
>> again?
> OK I have now set it so that it should be updated tonight.
> And thanks for posting the news item about it. I was going to suggest
> that we need such a post and that you (and Gerd) are able to post
> updates yourselves, but then I saw that you discovered that anyway ;)
> I'll quickly explain what is happening with the download page.
> A while back someone on the forums said that it was confusing to know
> which build to download.  I thought that was a fair comment for
> someone coming to the project for the first time.
> So I added the green download button which is meant to be for a
> reasonably stable version.  On the other hand a new build is created
> for every commit to trunk and the branches immediately after they are
> committed.
> I don't really know the best way to update the 'green' download
> so suggestions are welcome. Currently it updates every night to the
> latest version unless a particular version has been pinned.
> I was thinking of a way to mark a particular build as bad if
> it had regressions and a way to stop updates for a few days
> after a merge or something simple like that.
> For reference: the following binary and source
> formats are produced for every build. They all exist for
> each build (trunk and branch) whether linked to or not.
> mkgmap-rNNN.jar
> mkgmap-rNNN.tar.gz
> mkgmap-rNNN.zip
> mkgmap-rNNN-src.zip
> mkgmap-rNNN-src.tar.gz
> The -rNNN- part can be replaced with -latest- in any of these to get
> the most up to date version.
> Everything is exactly the same for splitter.
> ..Steve

Hi Steve,

thanks for the explanation! I think the big green download button is a 
good idea!

Maybe we can track the latest stable version number in Subversion? 
Create a file called stable.version that contains the stable Subversion 
revision. This revision is checked out for building the stable release.
This would allow all committers to change the stable release.

As a rule of thumb we should update the stable release around once a 
month. People who want to work with the latest release can download them 
in the list below. That sounds fair enough.


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