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[mkgmap-dev] New exit_hints branch

From WanMil wmgcnfg at web.de on Tue Dec 18 16:23:31 GMT 2012


I have created a new exit_hints branch which may adds a new interesting 
workaround feature.

When driving on a motorway my Garmin does not give me a hint on which 
exit I should leave. It just tells me the name of the street connected 
to the motorway_link but this isn't helpful because this name isn't 
shown on any sign on the motorway. It would be more helpful if the 
Garmin tells me the number and the name of the exit.

That's what I am trying in the exit_hints branch.
How is that achieved?

It is activated if the option --process-destination is set.

There is an exit node:

A motoway_link starts at this exit node.
... some more tags ...

The motorway_link is now cut into three parts:

Part 1 and 3 are tagged with the same tags of the original motorway_link.

Part 2 is tagged additionally with

In the style file there are two additional rules in the lines file:

# Name the hint part with the name and the ref of the exit
highway=motorway_link & mkgmap:exit_hint=true { delete display_name; 
name 'Exit ${mkgmap:exit_hint_ref} ${mkgmap:exit_hint_name}' | 'Exit 
${mkgmap:exit_hint_name}' }

# Use the motorway code for the hint part so that the GPS displays the 
name as hint where to leave the motorway
highway=motorway_link & mkgmap:exit_hint=true { add oneway = yes; add 
bicycle = no; add foot = no; } [0x01 road_class=3 road_speed=2 
resolution 20]

Please try and comment if you find it useful or if you have ideas how to 
realize it in a better way!

It is not yet complete:
If a motoway_link uses reverse oneway direction the code may fail?

Have fun!

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