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[mkgmap-dev] point number too big

From Minko ligfietser at online.nl on Sun Oct 21 21:57:27 BST 2012

Thanks Wanmil,

I have noticed that changing my styles very slightly, the tile won't crash anymore.
So there is a very small bug in my style file, I have to investigate some more where exactly.

BTW I also noticed I still use
location-autofill: bounds,is-in,nearest
in combination with 
bounds: bounds_20120916.zip

I guess I should have used location-autofill: is-in,nearest ?

> please post the OSM data file together with your mkgmap options.
> The img file does not help when searching for problems and/or error
> messages in the mkgmap chain.
> Thanks!
> WanMil

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