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[mkgmap-dev] true color problems with typ compiler

From Steve Ratcliffe steve at parabola.me.uk on Fri Dec 23 21:31:10 GMT 2011


> 1) btw it doesn't allow for font=normal (font)

OK I can make it recognise this.  By the way, should Default be the
same as Normal or should it be 0 in your opinion?

> 2) Unfortunately,the truecolor poi rendering of say
> DayXpm="32 32 0 1"  Colormode=16
> is incorrect and causes mapsource to hangup.

Ah, a fix for another bug introduced that one. I only expect to
read in colour mode 0 true colour images at the moment.

The question is how to represent a true colour
image with a transparent pixel.

I would suggest

DayXpm="2 2 0 1"

and the compiler would pick an unused pixel to be the transparent one.

I take that you are adding an extra pixel to the list and specifing
the colour mode directly, something like this?

DayXpm="2 2 0 1" ColorMode=16

Everywhere else I just ignore any specified colour mode and use the
lowest colour mode that can represent the given image and I would like
to be able to do that for true colour images too.

Do you know if colour mode=32 true colour images are allowed?


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