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[mkgmap-dev] Howto debug map problem that city in map can not be found in MapSource

From WanMil wmgcnfg at web.de on Thu Dec 8 19:19:09 GMT 2011

Hi Stefan,

I plan to add some utils to mkgmap which allow you to extract some info 
from the precompiled bounds.

Would it help if you can provide a coordinate and the tool extracts you 
all bounds information of this point from the precompiled bounds.

So long a good idea is to check the boundaries of the missing city with 
JOSM-validator. If there are errors correct them and precompile the 
boundaries again with the corrected data.


> Hi,
> I created a map of italy using latest mkgmap with option
> location-autofill=bounds.
>   I noticed that I cannot find small city Oppeano but I can find city
> Zevio (which is close to Oppeano).
> Last time I made a map of Italy I could find Oppeano ( unfortunately old
> osm input and mkgmap version is not available any more )
> Now I would like to know how to effectively debug such an issue.
>   * It could be a change in OSM.
>   * It could be a OSM boundary problem.
>   * it could be that this city is in the index, but it can not be found.
>   * ...
> is there for example a tool which converts the city index into text?
> thanks,
> Stefan
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