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[mkgmap-dev] Base style sub-styles

From Steve Ratcliffe steve at parabola.me.uk on Thu Nov 24 18:59:27 GMT 2011


>> Suppose an included base-style treats an element a certain way, will the
>> main style (default in this case) then ignore this element?
>> So the base-style treatment overrides the main style?
>> Will a continue statement in the base style then reverse this, so that
>> the main style treatment will prevail?

What happens is exactly the same as if you took the points file in
your style and appended the points file from the base-style, and the
same for the other rule files.

So, since the first rule that matches is used, then your definitions
will be used in preference to any in the base-style. If you use
continue, then it is possible that your rule will be used, and then a
further rule in the base-style will be applied.

Anything in the options file overrides the base-style.

That's the way it is meant to work. If it doesn't then
you can report it as a bug.

I'll answer the multiple base-style case next, since I see you've
posted again since I started this reply!


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