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[mkgmap-dev] Free-as-in-speech text-to-TYP converter

From Steve Ratcliffe steve at parabola.me.uk on Wed Nov 16 00:14:07 GMT 2011


> the following is a POI size 24x21 with colours set to zero ,ie true colors
> showing a little kitten created using the same program

The mkgmap typ compiler now can compile your kitten image (not checked
in yet)

See the attached TYP file. It can be opened and viewed with TYPViewer.
TypWiz doesn't like something about the draworder section, which is

There are two icons in the icon set, your kitten and a low res image
(not a kitten!).

Since the icon sets are something different to the normal POIs there
needs to be another section in the .txt file.

For the lack of anything better I used so far:

IconXpm="30 30 0 1"
; etc

IconXpm="20 20 10 1"
"! c #909090"
; etc... lower resolution icon

But if you already have some other notation in use I can use that.

On TYPViewer there are two buttons Additional Icons and Additional
POIs, do you know what the second one means?

I haven't added the new label section yet.

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