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[mkgmap-dev] possible bug? mkgmap freezes with lines only routing style

From Felix Hartmann extremecarver at gmail.com on Fri Nov 11 10:45:10 GMT 2011

On 11.11.2011 11:34, Steve Ratcliffe wrote:
> Hi
>> What happens when a user simply rebuilds the address index of existing
>> .img files without using a style-file when mkgmap:noindex=true had been
>> set for problematic cases?
>> a) will it then slow down if many roads have the same name
>> b) doesn't matter, the names are now in such a position that mkgmap will
>> not use them for address index?
> It doesn't make much difference for the global index. There is only
> ever one copy of a name for a map/city/region/country combination
> in the global index. It is only the individual map tiles that contain an
> entry for each road with the same name. The global index only says
> that a particular map has at least one road with a given name.
> If Mapsource or a device crashes because of the large number of names,
> then we will just have to limit the number, it would not be optional.
> ..Steve
I think you did not understand what I meant.

1. I compile maps using a style-file that does highway=track & name!=* 
{set name 'track'; mkgmap:noindex=true}
2. A user/me wants to add contourlines to the map and uses mkgmap to 
recompile the maps including the contourlines into a new mapset. 
tdb/mdr.img needs to be written from scratch, however the user uses the 
default style-file that does not have mkgmap:noindex=true information 
for highway=track.

So I don't want that the index in case 1. is correct (omits those 
thousands of roads with name "track", but for step 2. the index is 
incorrect and actually has thousands of "track" roads in the index. If 
this is how it works then we would need (additionally to 
mkgmap:noindex=true) an option like mkgmap:noindex:same=XXX for the 
command line.

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