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[mkgmap-dev] Team O.i.D. mkgmap dist available for download

From dom at team-oid.de dom at team-oid.de on Wed Oct 12 09:21:06 BST 2011


for my own use I created a script which does the download and compiling
job for me.

Here is the link: http://www.team-oid.de/garmin_maps/mkgmap_dist.tar.gz

I'm going to update the mkgmap and splitter.jar files regularly and will
also provide so
docs how to use it.
So please download, use and also provide it to others. Feedback and bug
reports are welcome.
If somebody has any enhacements, patches or something, I will also
integrate them. Also non positive feedback will be recognized.

Just download it, extract and start compiling maps. All needed files are
within the package.
The script will show a usgae with: create_maps.sh --help. Compiling a
german map will work like that: create_maps.sh -cl "germany.osm" thats,
The finished maps may be found within the maps directory.
Ah the java process will take 5GB of memory, so a 8GB maschin would be

Have fun and let me know what you think about.


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