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[mkgmap-dev] Bug introduced with rev 2038 making mkgmap crash on certain tiles.

From Steve Ratcliffe steve at parabola.me.uk on Tue Oct 4 15:14:38 BST 2011


> I have never seen this bug before, it appears since mkgmap rev 2038.
> Rev 2037 was still fine.
> It does not happen very often, just on a few tiles. Also without my
> style-file it does not happen...
> So there seems to be some serious problem related to those decimal
> numbers....
> I'll try to find out which line in my style-file is responsible for this
> crash...
> so far the error log:
> java.lang.NumberFormatException
>           at java.math.BigDecimal.<init>(Unknown Source)
>           at java.math.BigDecimal.<init>(Unknown Source)
>           at
> uk.me.parabola.mkgmap.osmstyle.eval.ValueWithUnit.<init>(ValueWithUnit.java:47)
>           at
> uk.me.parabola.mkgmap.osmstyle.eval.NumericOp.eval(NumericOp.java:51)

I think that can only happen with a number with two decimal points such 
as 23.45. 2..3 2.3.2 etc

The number is either in your style, or it could be in the data so I will 
have to come up with a fix for it.


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