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[mkgmap-dev] Index with Arabic names

From Peter Lerner peter at lerner.de on Thu Jun 9 23:16:53 BST 2011


>> Yes I mean the problem was unchanged.
> Well I think that you cannot be running the same patch as me then as
> there is certainly a difference in what goes into the osmmap_mdr.img

 > It may still not work in mapsource, but I have no way of knowing that
 > without some help.

I also still have the Mapsource problem that e.g. a subset of 4 specific 
tiles around the black sea, touching contries like Ukraine, Romania, 
Moldavia, Turkey and Greece, do still break with a Mapsource Error 
MDR_TRIM_SC.CXX-808- The tiles are not all bordering.

The crazy thing is, that when I generate the index files _only_ with 
those 4 tiles, they work OK and I can upload a map and index to the GPS.

Mapsource breaks only, when I select the same 4 tiles within the context 
of the whole Europe map index files generated for all 787 tiles. I'm 
using the Geofabrik Europe extract ...

If I select only the western Europe countries I can upload tiles up to 4 
GB without a problem.

This means to me, that there still is a problem with cyrillic and maybe 
also arabic encodings -- see Hosam's emails, and perhaps other 
encodings, too. Even with the translit_first2 patch!

Any idea what testcase I could try or how I could nail down the problem?
Use smaller tiles?


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