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[mkgmap-dev] Index and equally named cities

From WanMil wmgcnfg at web.de on Mon Jun 6 19:26:16 BST 2011

> Hi
>> Now I get one result when searching for StreetX/CityX/Region1 which is
>> good. When using Region2 I always get two results when searching for the
>> StreetX/CityX/Region2 combination.
> I tried with region 2 and 4 too.
> I found that if you search for street+city+region you always get Region1
> as am extra (incorrect) result. But never any other region, so for
> example if the street+city combination is not in region1 then you just
> get the correct item and not any of the other regions instead.
> So with lots of regions in a real map it is probably not much of a
> problem. Anyway, I cannot see any way to fix it - it may even be a
> mapsource bug, you never know.
> So I will just commit the previous patches which fix the main problems.

Yep, that's fine! I think this fix will bring the index generation a big 
step forward.


> ..Steve

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