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[mkgmap-dev] Index and equally named cities

From WanMil wmgcnfg at web.de on Sat May 28 13:02:10 BST 2011


there have been some reports on the list that there are problems 
searching for streets in cities with the same name but with different 
regions. I can confirm that and have created a very simple testcase to 
show that problem.

Attached osm file contains two streets:
1: name=Hauptstrasse, city=Testcity, region=Region 1, country=DEU
2: name=Hauptstrasse, city=Testcity, region=Region 2, country=DEU

So both streets differ only in the position and the region they contain to.
The testfile should be compiled with the locator branch (parameter 
--index must be set).
It's more easy to assign the city/region/country name I want to have 
with locator branch but with a modified testcase it should also work 
with the trunk.

Now I can search for the street Hauptstrasse and get both streets as 
result (search1.png). When I add Testcity to my search I only get the 
street of Region 1 in my result although both streets should match the 

The testcase might be modified using two different streetnames 
(Hauptstrasse1 for street 1 and Hauptstrasse2 for street2). Entering a 
search for Hauptstrasse2 with city=Testcity will not find any result.

Steve, do you have any idea where the problem might be located?

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