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[mkgmap-dev] exclude words from city / state

From WanMil wmgcnfg at web.de on Sun May 22 19:47:11 BST 2011

> Using the locator branch, I noticed that many cities in Austria are not
> findable anymore. The problem is that there are words like "Gemeinde
> Mödling" or "Bezirk Mödling" or "county XYZ". There should be a list
> where one can enter words that get deleted.
> That is because for the boundary it is the correct name, but not for
> searching a street.
> Also there are problems in Austria in Vienna. Vienna is a state and a
> city, and ideally it should be possible to enter either the district or
> the city into the city field, in order to find a street. Currently it is
> not possible to properly separate cities outside Vienna from districts
> inside Vienna, as they have the same admin_level. But for the ise tags,
> there is a correct specification telling you that districts are not
> cities (from the standpoint of the admin_level, it is correct however to
> classify them the same as small cities outside of Vienna). So in effect
> if one does not enter specific rules for Vienna, address search can
> never work as expected. Admin_level was never intended to be used for
> address searching, hence taking it is flawed and will not provide
> correct results. Ise is intended for address searching, but mkgmap does
> not use it.
> In general after using the locator branch, I more and more think, that
> the whole matching is completly the wrong way of doing. Much better to
> support real addresses as entered in OSM, and not do so much guessing.
> Especially support housenumbers, as at least in Germany and Austria
> housenumbers including full ise tags are becoming the norm, and not the
> exception.
> Only footways, pathes, or tracks should be matched, as they usually have
> no real address - but then it's rare that one searches for a specific
> path/track/footway, only real use would therefore be


I understand that you are no longer interested in.

Anyhow the mkgmap source code contains a SubstitutionFilter class which 
performs some string replacements. This should work to replace and to 
remove common words.

I don't know how this filter can be configured in the style file but 
maybe someone else remembers.


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