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[mkgmap-dev] mkgmap_locator choking if --index not given

From WanMil wmgcnfg at web.de on Thu May 19 21:37:35 BST 2011

> On 19.05.2011 22:28, WanMil wrote:
>>> BTW: can you try to compile Serbia from Geofabrik (todays extract) --
>>> there is something which is definitely broken and stops mkgmap stall. I
>>> also have Serbia as missing tile on the map of Europe. Most countries
>>> seem to be going alright however (Out of 26 compiled so far, only Serbia
>>> and Iceland got mkgmap choking -- countries outside of Europe, I parse
>>> to normal mkgmap right now however - as I don't have any bounds for them
>>> anyhow).
>> Serbia is compiling well for me with the today Geofabrik extract and
>> the current locator branch release (r1950).
> Okay (and it did not take more than than 5-6 minutes or?). I'll check it
> this weekend to try to hunt down the problem. Maybe one of the jars that
> I'm using is not working well, dunno really.
> For me it splitted in 7 seconds, and after 8minutes compiling I broke
> the process - could be a case like in Denmark however??? - I'll let it
> run 30min one a single worker thread, and try out some stuff

I used the new PBF splitter posted by Francisco.
Compiling was quite fast as I would expect.

It would really be helpful if you can provide a stack trace of the point 
where mkgmap "hangs" and if you can check the memory consumption just to 
be sure that it is not the reason.

You might also post your exact mkgmap parameters to avoid comparing 
apples and pears.


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